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What do they call this place?

where was this during the year1950?

what kind of honey
sun-ripened honey

What is the significance of the "Est. 1918"

Whose hand is this?

What is the first name of the lady
who has this tattoo on her leg?
the bug is still in the house,  somewhere,
guarding it

Who got stung
behind the ear
when they were about 4
by a similar species to these?

Who was there
in the pole barn
trying to throw away
my really good stuff
when this effing thing stung my leg?

Stare and they dissapear

What smells half as bad as a skunk?

What office window is this thing looking at?

Who is the Artist?

We can still hear his maow phrase.

They were all tame,
every one of them.

"Does the female eat the male after ...?" she asked.

Hiss-buzzing furiously,
it ran off happily in the dark,
glad to be unhanded.

I can still hear the plush sound.

Who are they?

What was name of person
when they were 4
who gave us the bulbs?

Crickside Green.

who is this?

yep, page 5 maybe